Illinois raised filter beds

​In the late 2000s, Wayne & Jeff Litwiller were the first to in the area to install Illinois raised filter beds. These systems include an aerobic treatment unit and are designed for areas with very poor soil conditions such as a very high water table and hard soil types that drain poorly. Given current state and county health department regulations, Illinois raised filter beds are in most cases the only type of system viable for a particular property with these conditions present. 

the process

We often get asked by customers what the process is like to install a new system. Every system we install is unique, so the process is likely to vary. Here is some helpful information. 

  • ​​Septic systems are sized based on the number of bedrooms (or number of employees and other factors for commercial) and whether or not there will be a garbage disposal. 

  • A soil analysis will need to be conducted by a state certified soil classifier. The classifier will take multiple soil borings in different locations. The sizing, location, and type of septic system is dependent on the soil characteristics. We can arrange this for you.

  • We will need to file for a septic permit application with your respective county's health department, outlining the proposed work. The approval turnaround time varies by county.

  • Once we have an approved permit and a valid JULIE locate, we are ready to begin installation, which typically takes one day.

  • For new construction lots, most counties will require you have an approved septic permit before they will issue your building permit.

  • We are happy to provide you with a free estimate on your new septic system. We are able to provide a more accurate estimate by reviewing the results of a soils analysis. If you already have a soils analysis, feel free to send it our way for an estimate.

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over 150 new systems a year

From the simplest of septic systems to the most complex, Wayne Litwiller Excavating averages over 150 new septic installs a year. These include new construction residential and commercial systems, replacement systems, and real estate transaction replacements. We install conventional systems as well as aerobic systems. We also repair all systems.

septic system service

Wayne Litwiller was the first to introduce aerobic septic systems in the central Illinois area in the mid 1980s. These aerobic units are more efficient at recycling wastewater and perform well in sensitive environments compared to conventional systems. Factors such as a high water table, poor soils, and tight lot conditions are reasons why aerobic units are installed. 

​With aerobics come motors, pumps, alarms, and other electrical components. These parts are susceptible to failure and break down over time. New residential systems come with a 2 year warranty on major parts from the date of installation. Also knowing that some counties require this, we offer service contracts on Sybr-Aer (by SBR Wastewater), Multi-Flo (by Consolidated), and Nayadic (by Consolidated) aerobic systems once the warranty period has expired. Contact us for more information.